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wow talk about not updating journal stuff:T 
just to put it in here for people who reads this stuff, I update a lot more on Facebook so if you would like, feel free to follow me there^^ or instagram

Insta: xxsnowfrostxx

And now update dump from basically November till April:p
Starting back up in November, my friends and I have just rapidly increased the number of shoots we've done since everyone is making costumes like mad men and one of my friends (Superrlynn) has taken up cosplay photography:)

In the beginning of November, we held Photocon, which was basically just an entire 24 hours dedicated to cosplaying and shoots. We had 2 main photographers (TOUYAdex and Superrlynn Photography) and 4 cosplayers (Bridoof Cosplay, Hibrrry, Lovely Ribbon Cosplay, and myself) and a helper (Cecilia)
We all migrated to St. Augustine, Florida and did a long series of shoots.

The ones we got to were
-Attack on Titan kids shoot
-Kill la Kill minishoot
-Soccer anime minishoot
-YuYu Hakushou minishoot
-Code Geass shoot
-Hetalia shoot
-Free minishoot

Because we didn't anticipate for people being late, horrible weather conditions, and just planning to be there for around 24 hours, we started at noon and ended up dragging the shoot until 2 am the next morning (and the drive back was like 2-3 hours) It was lots of fun and the location of the private beach, forts, and beautiful Flagler college gave for a few great pictures. Next Photocon will definitely be during the day time though for more beautiful pictures:)

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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 29, 2013, 7:46 PM
I am just the best at procrastination:) doing my Otakon journal entry now, like almost 3 months since it took place FFF

if you guys ever want to see all the con pics, just go check out my Facebook!…

well, Otakon for me this past year went from August 9-11 and with Jose, Bri, and Vincent as my car buddies and our designated driver, Ms. Pomie, we set out on August 8th on a road trip to Georgetown, Maryland! Again, spent thursday night crying and sewing and packing and with no sleep, Thursday morning at 5, we loaded up, picked up all the kids, and by 8 am we were on the highway to Otakon! Nothing much to say about the drive other than it was 12 hours, REALLY long hours, we only took 4 stops for gas and bathroom breaks as well as food but it was a straight shot up. I sat as navigator and FFF stayed up the entire 12 hours while the kids in the back entertained themselves or slept. The scenery was nice and it was cool to see it change from palm trees to oaks:D The trip was pretty smooth until the very last 2 hours when we were kinda lost in Virgina-Maryland line, we'd been using paper directions the majority of the way since a good ⅔ of the road was go straight on this road for 8 hours, but as we neared Maryland, we ended up in downtown Virginia and being around 10 at night it was hard to read anything. We attempted using my phone to navigate but to no avail it was getting drained. After many frantic phone calls we made it safely to my uncle's house>.<


Living situations for Otakon was like the best ever! My relatives there offered to let us stay at their house and though we were all kinda sketchy about it since what is explaining cosplay to my relatives and it was still a 45-60 minute drive to Baltimore, we ended up staying there to save money. They gave us their entire basement to live in and fed us breakfast everyday:) We shared a bathroom with a shower for 5 people, there was a bed for everyone and also a whole separate room so Ms. Pomie could rest while we worked or chatted. And my little cousins were so amused by us (we taught them to be VERY annoying to their parents i bet OTL), they came down every morning to get us and just played with us so much:33

    Upon arriving, we very quickly unloaded the car and Ms. Pomie just crashed after a shower. The rest of us took turns to shower and FFF continued to work on cosplay things. I helped to paint Bri's Riven sword and tried working on my own stuff but with 48 sleepless hours, i crashed at around 3 AM. 

    We had set an alarm and everyone did manage to get up with my nagging>D (i like being on time!) We all got ready to go to OTAKON!!! Vincent didn't get to cosplay Friday since I just couldn't help rbi make his suit for his costume:( the rest of us did tho, I cosplayed as the Robe of Yuen version of Erza from Fairy Tail, Bri did Riven from League of Legends, and Jose did genderbend Madoka from Madoka Magica. We drove the hour and got to Otakon at around 9 and proceeded to wait 30 minutes in line before making it into the convention hall to get our passes. Maryland summer heat is no joke, even for us Floridians, though it didn't feel it at all, the dry heat totally took its toll, Bri got a bit of a heat stroke and fainted a little bit as soon as we got in, she was okay after some rest thank goodness but this made us very wary of the heat and also reminded us to keep drinking water:p After we got our badges, we found our friends Sarah (Godoka), Dani (Madoka), and Kat (Sayaka). The madoka group just stole all the love FFF. We wandered the con with them a bit, explored the dealers hall and just were amazed at this very large out of state con. At around 1, my cousin arrived and being the nice cousin i was, i waited an hour outside with her again to get her pass:p When I had retrieved my cousin, we proceeded to find my friends, do the introductions and just hang out:) (the rest here is kinda blurry because we literally just hung at the con and buy stuff and enjoyed company and stuff) Around dinner we did run into some slight drama with time and miscommunication where half of us went to eat, another few of us were somewhere else changing or something and a few of us were waiting for them. This turned out to be very problematic since some of us ended up not eating, some of us missed Vincent's birthday dinner, and relations were stressed. WHELP con drama is horrible:( It ended up okay though since we did all meet up afterwards to hang out a bit before we had to head back. Ms. Pomie was just horribly wonderful to us, she stayed the whole time in Baltimore with us instead of going off on her own so she would be close if we ever needed her and she stayed with us at the con till midnight every night so we could enjoy the con for as long as possible. When we got back to the house, rotation of shower use and I helped to make an entire purple jumpsuit thing in one night along with fix my own things and finishing my costumes before we all passed out once again at 3 AM (what is sleep kids? I was so amazed at my endurance for this trip man)

    The day that established the "go big or go home status" Saturday was our day for 2 cosplays! So on top of morning preparations, me, Jose, and Bri also had to pack up a whole other costume for night time cosplay:) Saturday morning was the cutest thing ever for me because I cosplayed as Euphemia and my little cousins thought I was a princess and just played with us all morning because they were just super giggly about it. One of them work up and came down in her Ariel costume too <3
Sitting situation in the car was funny because my cousin had to sit in the front since there was no way I could fit in a seat OTL. When we got to the con, we went to our friend Dani's hotel room to leave our stuff there and also to finish getting ready. I was super happy with my makeup that day since it just came out so much better than before:) Once we were done, we headed to the con! I was kinda sad we missed the Code Geass shoot that morning at 10, we had finished and went to the con at 11, and i thought i was going to see some CG cosers but they all just disappeared, I didn't see a single one! We went to the dealers room first to try to find Yaya Han's table to see if we could meet her (with no luck) and also shopped. I got lots of compliments on how pretty my dress was which made me very happy:) At 12 there was a league of legends shoot and after seeing the initial meet up, I split up with Bri (Riven), Vince (i honestly don't remember the name of his character) and Kat (Katarina) and instead hung out with Lien. I met up with Lien at the outside fountain, had to walk 2 blocks and you couldn't even imagine the looks i got. Regular folks came up to me in the middle of the road to take my picture (which we of course did safely on the sidewalk). I kept getting stopped too so it took a while to walk there. After I found lien, she took some pics of me (and lots of other people took pics of me as well) and a videographer even stopped to get shots of me:) As we were doing this stuff, I found another CG coser!! I wish I had actually asked her to take a full body shot instead of just a selca :( but i guess better than nothing
We also saw Nick, Chalisa (Sakizo), and Jackie (Yuna). After a while, I split with lien to meet back up with Bri, Vince and Kat. We rested, I actually got another videographer to take shots of me (I never found his clip tho sadly) and then we shoved off again to refind Lien. Me and Kat sat and hung out when Lien did Bri and Vince's League shoot and after that we went to change out into our nighttime stuff. Vincent found some friends and stayed with my cousin at the con while me and rbi changed into Persona! It took a bit but we were finally Persona sisters together, Metis and Aegis:DD still incomplete but I was at least able to wear it this time round.
We slowly made our way to the con, all along the way just kept on getting stopped (so bad because we just melted in that Baltimore heat). When we finally got there, with great caution we went up 2 flights of escalators to the con area and just sat and waited. We hung around with people, got lots of pics taken, promoted the midnight Persona shoot and really just hung out. When we found the meet up area, we still had an hour to go so we hung with the other Persona kids who were early, I learned that no one really knew who Metis was because she shows up at the very end of the special ending of the Persona3 game. I was the only one tho i guess FFF. We also got to explore the game room. This room was horrifying for me. Because of the way Metis' helmet was made to be dual headphones and helmet and also because of my poor eyesight (couldn't wear glasses with the helmet since it was fit perfectly to my head) being in a darkish room with a super echoey helmet and on 3-5 inch heelless shoes was just very difficult. It was like being claustrophobic by myself in a dark goldfish bowl. Basically I couldn't hear anything except the very loud bass blasting from music from god knows where and the echo of the room itself and then background noise. It gave me a great headache and just overall made me very discombobulated. Eventually I really had to leave and Bri kindly led me out. At the strike of 12, we made our way outside and a happy accident happened. Me and Bri accidentally left our badges in the con and before we noticed we were locked outside the con. One of the best Persona cosplayers ever that we totally looked up to helped us out and got them for us! Happy accident!! The shoot was really fun, it was super dark, I was very tired but everyone was super nice and it was too awesome. Dani even made it there with us as the only Fuuka cosplay:)

It was 2 AM when the shoot finished so 3 AM when we got back to the house. IM SO SORRY TO MY RELATIVES who had to stay up and wait for us>< 

    Sunday morning I literally got up at 7 to finish a costume before waking the rest of the crew up. Once everyone was up, We all got dressed and headed out to the con once again. Bri and Vince did their League duo, I went as Sailor Mars, and Jose was Kuja from FF. As soon as we hit the con, we rushed to the dealers room to buy last minutes things. Unknown to us laid-back florida con-goers, big cons like Otakon are on the ball with schedule, they said the con is over by 3 so its no joke that by 3 the con was empty of all things otakon. We ran around like mad people buying last minute things before the place closed. I got my little cousins cute alpaca toys and and also a new wallet for myself! We managed to find Luka and Eyon on the last day as Link and Sheik but only managed to lose them very quickly afterwards since they were on a rampage to buy things as well. We met up all together with everyone to do last minute plans on things such as how we were getting our stuff from hotel rooms and saying goodbye and things. We never managed to find Lien and Chalisa's group again since they apparently had a VERY early flight back to Orlando. We hung out with the Christmas Leaguers Dani and Kat before making a small split to get food and luggage. Dani and Kat left first for their flight back to Orlando and it was just us 4 again before we met up with other friends (Ceci, Rae, and Steve and company) for food and also a quick shoot.
After some snacks, we all had to head back home and stuff we we all said our sad goodbyes. When we got back to my relatives house they had prepared this huge dinner and my friends got to experience authentic chinese food:)
After the noms, we packed, super cleaned and just rested and slept before the big drive back.

The drive back was really the same as the drive there but I definitely nodded out a lot more. When we reached Florida, we made the sketchiest gas run in Jacksonville, then had a nice last dinner for us road trip buddies at TGI Fridays and it was around 10-11 when we all got home home. :)

Otakon was super fun! would totally do it again but probably not drive again^^" wayy to stressful, plus flying would be fun (though con luggage would be horrible since we're all such big packers hence the road trip!)

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Last weekend,7/31-8/2, I was at AnimeFestivalOrlando2009. It was my very first con, as you can see from the title and very exciting. I cosplayed as Ikuto from Shugo Chara on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday, I was an incomplete Ritsuka from Loveless. The con was very epic, met soo many amazing cosplayers and made 5 new friends. Went with Sakura (SakuraXHieiX) who was Amu from Shugo Chara the whole weekend and one of her school friends who cosplayed as a girl Mario. She apparently refused to wear the mustache^^" and on Saturday was a random gun carrying kitty and a random deathnote carrying kitty on Sunday. We went to the dealers room various time this weekend to find people and to just waste time, I got a little mochi plushie, a state alchemist watch (that really works!) and an amuto pin.

Friday-We left after picking up Sakura and got to the con at around 9:30ish? The entire car ride the two of us were in the back trying to put our wigs on..Sakura had told me she knew how to put one on, but her definition of knowing how is just watching not doing. So after 5 FAILED tries, we got it somewhat on. There was a guy in the car next to us that stared at us like we were freaks at a red light as soon as sakura says "I bet that dude will look at me weird if he turned around" The two of us, with our bad sense of direction, got very lost..took ten-twenty minutes to find ourselves. When we got to the lobby area, first place we went was the bathroom to get her wig on again, which we got in one shot and to put makeup on her and make the red "x" hairpiece (fell apart the next day) and glue my crosses back on my sleeves cause they decided to break off getting out of the car. After that was over, we used the handy cellphone and found her friend. Three of us waited in line, and when we almost got to the registering place, me and Sakura realized we didnt need to wait in line since we had prepaid passes..(stupid of us =.=")All we needed to do was to give the papers to the people at a different registery place and get badges, that took 2 seconds since there was like no line whatsoever. Afterwards, we just wandered around aimlessly, taking a bunch of photos, which turned out to be not so many after all. We had seen some Shugo Chara people on our way unloosing ourselves and eventually we found them, took their pictures? then got invited to a photoshoot. After, we magically found ourselves at the win, lose or draw event and sakura's friend drew some pictures, earned some candy and i drew a picture, got too embarrassed to put it up, then got forced to show by a very mean amu. Mario got a hat and as we spent time getting pictures, she got up and told "cool looking people" to try on the hat and make then look funny. Snake died and we poked him. Then came the photo shoot. Very exciting! The original place we were going to go to was occupied by a wedding that we wanted to walk through. But we still found a nice place. Me and Sakura did some first, sakura was confused and lost again about what poses to do(it was like that the entire con, she made us sit down and think of a bunch of poses..not that many^^")Then Daichi had a fountain pic and another with carrying Amulet Heart. Black Lynx died, and we poked him..and for some reason..ikuto was in the picture. Then he climbed on the fountain and got his tail and belt things wet to this wall thing behind it where our Yoru took a very epic picture. Afterwards we just went in and hungout. Back in the lobby area, we all talked some more and I found my friends Tori, Heather, Mya, and Tiffany? Our Sky Jack came back and we helped him put on his suprisingly small wig and took hilarious pictures. More hanging out afterwards, then we had to leave early to go to church where many people looked at us funny.

Saturday-Left at the same time we did. First thing, went to bathroom with the whole wig and makeup process which didnt take as long since Sakura finally made her own technique of fitting long thick hair under small wig (which she'll need next year since she wants to do sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles, who has very short hair and she hates having short hair in the first place)Then we found a hiding place and did some pictures and made up more poses. Tired of waiting for her friend, we popped in on the Voice Acting 101 with the FMA cast, got a bit bored since it was early in the morning and sakura didnt have an interest in the anime. We forgot about the voice recording workshop but we went to whack-a-nerd for charity after meeting up with her friend where we paid 2 dollars to fight one another. Got DQed really fast since for some reason, we liked to whack each other in the head. She got Ikuto across the cheekbone and I got Amu across the cheek. Funny..Ikuto and Amu fighting, wished we had it video taped (damn it) Wandered some more and we found the Rockman EXE where we watched a nice video of Rockman and then we dropped in Artist Alley where we were struck dead by the amount of amazing and some very funny work by people. We did our own photoshoot the same day, though it was at like 1:00, bad timing, my fault. So we were in the hot Florida sun, me wearing all black, Amu in a heavy black jacket on top of a long sleeved shirt and our gun-holding kitty in black as well walking very far to the fountain place. We got some decent pictures, though most turned our fuzzy and there were many better quality but random pics taken by our kitty. Rest of the day, we just went to the Costume Contest 101, where me and Sakura were inspired to join the contest next year and in the middle, my dad and my sisters suprised us by coming. At first we thought we had to leave a bit earlier, but then my dad was nice and cancelled my piano lesson and bought us food (popeyes) At the popeyes, many people stared at us funny, it was not full of cosplayers as I thought since it was across the street from the hotel. My dad still decided to sit at a different table..we donated a deaf guy 2 dollars which made us feel really good. After the food, we made it across the street,super busy, and really strange cause there is a blue haired and pink haired person trying to cross. Our kitty got pulled over, very funny. Then kitty had to go home and me and Sakura went and saw the cosplay contest. There was a skit on BLEACH where everyone lost the game because the Rukia went "By the way, Soul Society wanted me to tell you that you all just LOST THE GAME!!" at the end of their skit. One of the judges game them "nothing" for that..literally. Winner was the dancing Naruto and Kakashi.

Sunday-I got lazy and didnt want to dress up, so I pulled together a Ritsuka cosplay with no ears from stuff out of me and my sisters' closets. After we got to the con, I saw my friend Tori who was the only one who recognized my cosplay and made the joke that "Soubi was being bad" We ran out of things to do, so we went to the quickdraw contest where I actually decided to participate in. I only did one round, the one with the pen. Then we walked around and discovered the hour with Chris Sabat, the awesome voice actor for Lieutenant Armstrong from FMA and Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho. He showed us very funny things he did over the phone and pranks on Travis Willingham. Hilarious stuffXDDDD Afterwards, the three of us just hung out and then we went to wait for the costume contest. I broke my camera going in..sadnessT^T but we saw some amazing cosplays!! It then inspired me and sakura even more to do it next year^^ and later, we went and saw the AMV contest. I realized it was very hard to get the AMVs if you havent seen the anime. Some were amazing, others funny, and some I just didnt get o.o?? Soon, it was nearing the end of the con. Hung out with Tori, Heather, Sakura, and her friend. I found a capsule thing with a code inside that we played with. Crawled into a cabinet(didnt know i could fit in one), Heather tried to steal my alchemist watch, chased her around a bit, then she went to sleep and everyone else ran away to the bathroom. We talked after that, tried to plan on scaring someone, a nice dude gave me a tiny statue? thing of me in my half ritsuka (so nice of him^^) and then my dad showed up and we had to leave.

Overall, my first con was amazing!! After recounting the events, it felt even more amazing though tiring and I still cant believe I wrote/typed soo much about it!! Can't wait to go next year. There's like no way I'm missing this con..EVER!
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hey everyone^^
just letting you all know, i have opened up an account and im going to be posting up stuff in the next few weeks with products i would like to sell
if you guys have any ideas on what other things i need to sell plz speak up:)
my etsy account is Delusional4DESIGN and as of now it is opened but still empty, im still trying to figure out this site, but as soon as anything is up for selling i will be sure to update about it
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