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WIP - Halloweentown Roxas Keyblade (Tutorial) by xXSnowFrostXx WIP - Halloweentown Roxas Keyblade (Tutorial) by xXSnowFrostXx
wonk:) finished my keyblade for Halloweentown Roxas:D
i think its nice and scary to match up with Sora's >.<

project took 1 weeks
the base of the projectiles are insulation foam and a pvc pipe then decorated and assembled together with worbla

Process explanation time! (proud of this project so I will:D):
1) the PVC was sawed to the length I wanted and the top head piece above the first blade was shaped using terra-cotta clay. I let it dry before covering it with worbla

2) I used sculpey clay to make the dragon head. Basically I took a huge chunk that I've softened through needing and split it in half, one half I used to make a ring shaped to perfectly fit the PVC and the other half I used to sculpt the bottom half of the dragon head (the nostril part). After both sides were how I wanted it, I put them together and also put it on the PVC so the ring part wouldn't get warped as I tried to connect the two pieces. After this they were baked according to the directions on the package.

3) I took leftover sculpey and made two little horn shapes and also baked that as well.

4) A draft of all the pieces of the 2 large blades and the smaller blades on the side were made and I cut them out of pink insulation foam and sanded them down to be beveled shaped

5) ASSEMBLY TIME! I took pieces of worbla and covered the blade pieces with them before reheating up the worbla and connecting them on the PVC. Very carefully, I super heated the worbla, so basically till it was extremely hot and super pliable and I used the handle part of scissors (or whatever else) to knead out the connecting parts to make it smooth and continuous.

6) I took the two little horns and used a strip of worbla to cover it in a spiral shape before gluing them down to the sculpey head and then I proceeded to put the dragon head onto the PVC where I wanted the handle to start.

7) I cut the worbla into small rectangular pieces and just wrapped them slightly overlapping one another to get the handle part done.

8) The other horns were freehanded and just stuck onto the worbla on the handle. I took many scraps of worbla and rolled them into long tubes that I made into an S shape for the spiral pieces on the side.

9) The top portion above the handle was gessoed and then the entire prop was covered in 3-4 layers of wood glue (EXCEPT for the handle portion since I wanted to have more traction in the handle so I can grip better with gloves as well as have some differing textures)

10) Paint job!: I used a mix of dark blue and red to get the black purply color for the prop. The silver portions were tinted with black to give it more dimension and the purple parts were tinted with the dark blue. The handle and horns were painted white and then tinted with gold for highlights then gray and black for the shadows. The spiral pieces were painted black with a dark red and red spiraling line around it. I also put glow in the dark paint on the eyes of the dragon (but it doesn't really show up too well unless its pitch dark so meh:T extraneous and unnecessary details)

11) After the paint dried, the whole prop was covered in mod podge to prevent the paint from getting scratched and also giving off a nice shiny exterior

12) DONE and be proud!
CloakedSchemer-VI Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
It looks amazing! :D Awesome work!
xXSnowFrostXx Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:) thank you so much!
CloakedSchemer-VI Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2013
you're welcome! :D
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October 23, 2013
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