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Sword Art Online: The Morning Dew Girl I by xXSnowFrostXx Sword Art Online: The Morning Dew Girl I by xXSnowFrostXx
Character: Yui
Cosplayer: xXSnowFrostXx
Photo taken by: Daniel Chen

i guess you could call this progress shot, or a teaser shot really, along with all the nice wig shots from the past week
but in the future, this page might be plagued by SAO stuff (and naruto stuff) so as a preview to that, please enjoy my cosplay of a small child

for reference, i will probably never do something as horrid as this to the general public ever again, we draw a line at age 10 for cosplays, NEVER again will we go under this age
i apologize for killing eyeballs this one time

note: im not a small person^^" im 5'4, so cosing such a little girl was hard (and she's suppose to be what..6? but really 3 in the manga version) and there are lots of things i should've done like bind (so i look sorta flat in this pic because of photoshop) so yeaa, if i scarred you, my bad OTL

for 100 Themes Challenge:
variation 1; number 8. Innocence
fantasyfreak19 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student General Artist
wow, i really love this cosplay~! :'D i dont think it's as bad as YOU think it is, so dont feel so bad about it :3
i was just wondering where you got your wig. im actually planning on trying to cosplay yui, but im having trouble finding a suitable wig ;n; ant help at ALL would be great, thanks~! <3
xXSnowFrostXx Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
for my wig, i just bought it from ebay, typed long black wig and i picked one that was for a sailor mars costume
always pick a reliable seller with high ratings and i would recommend trimming it a bit before using it:) i used this same wig without trimming it for a homura costume and it got really tangled, but after trimming a few inches off the bottom, it was still long and more manageable
keep a comb on you at all times:DD

good luck to you! and thank you so much^^
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December 30, 2012
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